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Address: 222 S Elm Street, Owosso, MI 48867
Phone: 800-691-8178
Fax: 888-466-6481


Josh's Frogs LLC was founded by Joshua Willard, a poison dart frog hobbyist and vivarium enthusiast, in 2004. Josh originally operated the business out of his basement and garage, but his dedication to customer service and quality supplies quickly caused the business to grow. In 2008 Josh's Frogs moved to Owosso, Michigan. We recently moved into a new building in Owosso where Josh's Frogs employs 20 people, and has become the largest producer of captive bred poison dart frogs in the United States, and probably the world. We also work with other varieties of frogs and toads from all over the world. 

Why We are the Best

Josh's Frogs is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of excellence possible in everything we do. We adhere to this philosophy by focusing on 4 key charasteristics that drive our business.

1. Customer Service - At Josh's Frogs, we are dedicated to providing the best customer service in the pet industry. We respond to customers in a timely manner, and check emails/voicemails/chat messages several times a day. We do everything we can to insure that any customer gets what they need in a timely fashion at a great price. Our friendly staff's primary goal is to provide fantastic customer service.

2. Captive Bred Animals - You will never see a wild caught animal for sale at Josh's Frogs. We take great pride in providing only healthy, captive bred animals. All of the poison dart frogs we sell are bred by us, for you! Not only do we feel that captive bred animals make superior pets and are better adapted to life in captivity, but providing captive bred animals takes pressure off of wild populations of the animals we keep and love. Conservation through Commercialization, the idea that animals in the wild are preserved by meeting the demand for them with captive breeding efforts, is one of the driving forces behind Josh's Frogs.

3. Education - Josh's Frogs is dedicated to educating everyone we can on the proper husbandry of the animals we work with. We do this through blogs and how-to guidesvideos, outreach programs, and customer support via www.JoshsFrogs.com (email, live chat, and phone). We also routinely give talks at several of the Reptile Shows and Expos we attend on how to properly care for poison dart frogs in captivity. We don't just want to sell you animals or supplies - we want to insure you get what you need, and know how to use/care for them!

4. Full-Service Website - One of the founding principles behind Josh's Frogs was to provide not only healthy, captive bred frogs, but all of the things needed to properly care for them. We carry a wide variety of pet supplies, live terrarium plants, one of the largest variety of feeder insects on the web, and of course captive bred frogs. As we grow, we've expanded that philosophy to a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians.

        Promptness - Orders placed by 4:00 PM EST ship the same day!* We work hard to respond to customers ASAP.

        Integrity - We've been around since 2004...you can trust us! Honesty is our best (and only) policy!

        Excellence - Highest quality products and feeders and ONLY captive bred animals!


Josh is the owner and big boss at Josh’s Frogs. Josh can be found doing anything all day. He is always helping out his employees in any way he can! He has been keeping and breeding animals for over 20 years. At home, he has a zoo of his own - 3 little ones! - and a beautiful (co)zookeeper wife!


Zach is the Curator of Fauna, he leads the entire animal operation here at Josh’s Frogs. He also answers all customer questions about animals. When Zach goes home he maintains over 40 vivaria of his own! He's been caring for reptiles for over 25 years! Zach has his Bachelor's of Science in Biology from MSU.


Amanda is such a creative character! She has her Associate's Degree in Graphic Design, and with over 6 years of customer service experience, she handles some of the customer interations at Josh’s Frogs. She handles anything that needs designed and communicates with customers through e-mail and phones.


Lindsy handles almost all interactions with customers, and has over 10 years of customer service experience! When she is not on the phone or e-mailing customers, she does upkeep for our website, Amazon, Ebay, and Rakuten extensions. Her happy attitude keeps everyone in the office smiling all day!

Joshua V.  


Joshua works with many of the feeder insects that ship from our facility - feeding, counting, and packaging, oh my! Joshua's the guy! He's been taking care of animals most of his life. Joshua taught himself piano at a young age, and is fluent in sign language. He hopes to enroll at Stanford or Juliard for music.


Tina has quite the green-thumb! She is in charge of the Plant Department at Josh's Frogs. If she’s not covered in dirt, she is communicating with customers about plants. Tina has her Associate's Degree in Business, and has been gardening for over 25 years!


Austin cares for our many tree frogs. He raises and cares for them and also keeps the adult tree frogs happy and healthy! Austin has his Bachelor's of Science in Zoology from MSU, and interned at the Detroit Zoo working with reptiles and amphibians. He has a beautiful family at home - a wife and baby girl!


Charlie makes all the fruit fly cultures, that's over 1,000 fruit fly cultures every week! It’s a HUGE task, but he is always up for the challenge! He also makes media, which is why he’s wearing an awesome body suit!

Amber C  

Amber is part of our plant team. Her and her husband have a toddler at home with a baby boy on the way! When she's not propagating or packing orders here at Josh's, she likes to read and travel - especially to Florida, where her parents are! Amber's also part of a leadership business, and spends a lot of time with that community.


Mandy can be found bagging items in the warehouse. She makes and bags a lot of the substrates and leaves that Josh’s Frogs sells. She also helps clean up after the tree frogs! Mandy is going to school for Animation, and also strives towards a Business Degree.


Nicole is one of the fastest packers in Michigan! Not only does she pack hundreds of orders every week, but her and the rest of the shipping department get them in the hands of Fedex and USPS by 4pm every day! Nicole has her Associate's Degree in Business from LCC, and is continuing on to Ferris State University in pursuit of her Bachelor's in Business Administration.


Kyle helps pack orders on the first floor and helps prepare products for shipment. He and the shipping team ship out the hundreds of orders at Josh's Frogs every week! Kyle has his Bachelor's Degree in Human Service from Baker College of Owosso. 



Mike mainly works in the quarantine room caring for our specialty animals and the insects we sell at Josh's Frogs. Mike heads up breeding the crickets we sell online and feed our animals. Mike also takes his knowledge to the many trade shows Josh's Frogs vends at.


Ashley is our newest addition to the shipping department! She recently graduated from Grand Valley State University with her Bachelor's of Science in Therapeutic Recreation. Ashley strives towards a doctorate in physical therapy, and the breeding & training of service dogs!


Lauren joins the Josh's Frogs team on the road! The customers love her vast knowledge of geckos and her friendly, happy attitude! She also loves cats, you could also say that she is somewhat of a cat-expert! If you have questions about geckos or cats, Lauren is your girl!


Jesse started with our Shipping & Receiving team, and now he's learning the ropes from Mike! He's currently working towards his Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing. At home, he not only takes care of his lovely family (wife and 2 children), but also over 60 chickens & 5 goats! With all of those eggs collecting, he's become quite the cook and enjoys it as well!



Chris mixes and bags products in the warehouse, like substrates and leaves. He also helps take care of the tadpoles, and makes enclosures for young toads and tree frogs!


 Tamara has joined us in the Plant Department! She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, and has over 10 years of customer service experience. Green isn't limited to her thumbs - Tamara's a vegetarian, and she also keeps healthy by running and working out everyday!

 African Violet    Michelle has joined our plant department. What a fit - she loves plants! Orchids & African Violets especially, and vegetable gardening. Michelle has her B.S. in Psychology/Women's Studies from Western Michigan University, and is enrolled in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at Baker College here in town - this gal is always learning! Michelle loves her job, but at home she enjoys kicking back with a good book or knitting.