Caring for Poison Dart Frog Eggs

Sooner or later you will get eggs. Usually you will get a couple of clutches of eggs that will go bad and mold over. This is normal. Bad eggs will swell up and get cloudy. In developing eggs you can actually see the tadpole develop in the egg. When I get eggs, I take a paper towel, wet it, and place it in the bottom of a 24 oz Ziploc container. I then take the Petri dish and place it on the paper towel (I do not put the top of the Petri dish on Petri dish). I then add enough RO water to just touch eggs. If the eggs are laid on a film canister, leaf, or on the side of the tank, I scrap out the eggs and put them in a Petri dish and add water so it just touches the eggs. Finally, I put the Ziploc lid on and mark the top with species of frog egg.


  1. poison dart frogs for sale's Gravatar poison dart frogs for sale
    October 19, 2011    

    My frogs never laid eggs. I think they may not be old enough yet. How old must dart frogs be before laying eggs?

  2. Brenden's Gravatar Brenden
    October 20, 2011    

    The bigger dart frogs start breeding or reach sexual maturity around 1 year of age and thumbnail dart frogs will start breeding around Six months of age with some species even starting around Four months.

  3. Tim's Gravatar Tim
    October 28, 2011    

    How long do eggs take to hatch? and How often will a pair lay new clutches?

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