Amazon Milk Frogs (Captive Bred) – Trachycephalus resinifictrix

adult amazon milk frogs on hand


Scientific Name: Trachyephalus Resinifictrix AKA: Phyrnohyas Resinifictrix

Common Name: Amazon Milky Frog

Distribution: Amazon Basin

Size: 3” – 3 ½”

Trade Availability: Scarce, Captive Bred/Born


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Tree dweller often found on the bark of trees



A 20 gallon high is suitable for 2 – 3 adults.

The bottom of the terrarium should be covered with Peat Sphagnum (1/4 inch).

Shallow dish of water (distilled water is recommended)

Plant consisting of Pothos, Ficus and Philodendron.

It seems they enjoy branches hanging over water



Daytime: no more than 82 degrees F

Nighttime: 68 – 70 degrees F



Suggestion for the cover/lid is screen top covering 80% with Saran Wrap, glass or




2% UVB is required for froglets 2 months & older, no more than 3% UVB.

**UV rays help eliminate excess bacteria growth (not saying bacteria will not grow in the tank, but it will help lower it)

UVB is essential for frog’s growth.



As Small froglets – 1/8” crickets

As juveniles – ¼” crickets

As adults – ½” – 5/8” crickets

**adults may be offered small roaches (if you want), they should equal the same size as the cricket.

Dust all food with Rep-Cal Herptivite & Rep-Cal Calcium w/Vitamin 3

***3 parts Herptivite to 1 part Calcium***