Already have a tank you’re looking to convert into a Dart Frog heaven? We hear you! Josh’s Frogs has created several kits curated specifically for dart frogs and covering a range of standard tank sizes. Just add a glass enclosurelive terrarium plants, and vivarium lighting! If you’re looking for everything, Josh’s Frogs also carries Complete Dart Frog Kits, which have everything you’ll need starting out.


Each tankless dart frog kit includes:


1. False Bottom

Josh’s Frogs False Bottom is a green product, made from recycled materials. Josh’s Frogs False Bottom is a very lightweight option for creating a false bottom, which serves to create a void for excess water to go (so it does not saturate the soil layer). It also wicks water slowly back into the substrate, allowing for a more humid environment. Additionally, Josh’s Frogs False Bottom provides a large amount of surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. These bacteria will work to metabolize wastes from the system, resulting in a cleaner environment.


2. Substrate Barrier

Simply put, the substrate barrier included in the kit is placed between the Hydroton and substrate layers in the vivarium to prevent the substrate from pushing down into the Hydroton. This keeps the substrate drier, improving growing conditions in the vivarium, as well as extending the life of the substrate. The substrate barrier can be cut or folded to fit in your specific enclosure.


3. Atlanta Botanical Garden (ABG) Mix

ABG mix is a premium substrate for tropical vivariums. A precise blend of tree fern fiber, charcoal, sphagnum peat, long fiber sphagnum, and fir bark, this substrate is capable of lasting several years when used properly. Originally perfected by the Atlanta Botanical Gardens of Atlanta, Georgia, this substrate will support a sizable population of microfauna while allowing plants to thrive. It is a good idea to wet the substrate before placing it in the vivarium.


4. Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss

Long Fiber Sphagnum moss lasts a long time in the vivarium, and has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is placed between the substrate and leaf litter layers in a vivarium to prevent the substrate from adhering to the frogs, and to increase the suitable environment for microfauna. The Long Fiber Sphagnum moss comes in a compressed brick and will need to be expanded in water previous to use.


5. Leaf Litter

Leaf litter is an integral part of a naturalistic vivaria. It slowly breaks down, providing both organic food for the microfauna and plants in the tank. Leaf litter also provides hiding places and visual barriers for the larger inhabitants of the vivarium. It is the final layer in the vivarium.


6. Driftwood

Josh’s Frogs vivarium wood is perfectly suited for use in humid vivaria. It will initially mold, but this mold will disappear within a couple weeks and is not harmful to the vivarium inhabitants. Place the wood in the vivarium in a way that allows you to plant around/on it, provides additional usable space for the future vivarium inhabitants, and is visually appealing.


Watch our video to see how all of this comes together for you: