At Josh’s Frogs we have the best live arrival guarantee in the industry on plants, insects, and frogs. We also guarantee that dry goods are new and will arrive in perfect condition. In order for us to maintain the level of quality we’re known for, Josh’s Frogs does not accept returns on opened or used goods. Why, you ask? In short, for the safety of us, our animals, and our customers!

Everything sold by Josh’s Frogs is either bred/made here or comes from one of our designated suppliers. Because of this we’re able to ensure that every animal, plant, bug, or dry good leaves here representative of the quality we’re known for. Once an animal, plant, or bug leaves our facility we no longer have control over how it’s handled, cared for, or what potential pathogens it could be exposed to and we are no longer able to accept the live organism back. Don’t worry – our plants, bugs, and frogs are still backed up by the best live arrival and health guarantee in the industry! We just don’t want any live organisms making a return trip to us, for their safety and ours!

When a dry good comes to us from a supplier (be it Zoo Med, Exo Terra, Zilla, or another major brand that we all know and love), every item is new and unopened when it leaves Josh’s Frogs. It’s guaranteed to be in perfect condition and exactly as described. If the product arrives damaged, is not as described, or is defective, we’ve got your back! Just email with an order number and a picture, and we’ll take care of you. We may ask you to contact the brand’s customer support line for troubleshooting. After a product is opened or used (but not broken or defective) we can no longer accept it as a return. Since the item is no longer new, it cannot be resold or exchanged. This is our way of safeguarding our customers and ensuring the quality and integrity of products sold by Josh’s Frogs. For more information about returns, please visit our shipping and returns page.