So you’ve set up a bioactive dart frog vivarium, added plants and springtails, and have let the tank sit for at least a month – now what? Is your tank ready and safe for dart frogs? Run through our checklist below. If you can check everything off, you’re ready for frogs!

  • Vivarium has been set up for at least 4 weeks
  • Vivarium is secure – no gaps in doors, tops, holes in screen, etc
  • Temperature in vivarium has been stable between 70F – 78F, as measured with a digital thermometer
  • Humidity in vivarium has been stable between 75% and 100%, as measured with a digital hygrometer
  • Microfauna is present – if you flip some leaf litter or dig through the substrate, you can find springtails and/or isopods
  • Plants are rooted – new roots should be visible around the base of epiphytes, and terrestrially roots plants should resist if gently tugged on

If your vivarium has been set up according to our recommendations and meets the above guidelines, you’re ready for frogs! Hop on over to Josh’s Frogs and order yourself some new pets!

Remember, we’ll gladly hold on to your frogs for up to a month before shipping, so feel free to order the frogs you want while your vivarium is cycling.