You’ve picked out the perfect frogs at the local reptile show. You’ve made your purchase, and the frogs are safely packed for travel. Currency changes hands, and they’re yours! You have an established vivarium and quarantine container set up at home, waiting for your new pets. All that’s left is to keep your frogs safe on their journey home.

In this scenario, you should already have the tools you’ll need on hand to accomplish this quest. In reality, I doubt you’re reading this in the reptile show parking lot, wondering what to do next. Here’s what you’ll want to have with you to make sure your frogs safely get home from the show.


This can be a rigid plastic cooler or disposable foam. Often, vet offices have plenty of foam coolers to give away for free, as they receive many medicines in these. If all else fails, Josh’s Frogs sells insulated shipping boxes that work well. You’ll want to bring this container into the show with you.

Phase 22 Material

This innovative material changes from solid to liquid at 72F, helping to maintain the proper temperature for your frogs when placed in the cooler.

In cold weather, put the phase 22 panel in your pocket until it’s liquid. In warm weather, place the phase 22 panel in the fridge until it’s solid, then keep it in the cooler.

Heat or Ice Packs

If you’ll be transporting the animals for several hours, or if your car does not have heat/ac, you may want to use a heat or ice pack when transporting frogs. Most of the time they are not needed for a quick trip, or in mild weather.


Use a towel to secure the deli cup(s) in the cooler so stuff does not shift around. This is also helpful to keep the phase 22 (or heat or ice pack, if you’re using one) from directly coming in contact with the frog’s container.



A little bit of planning can go a long way towards ensuring your frog’s trip home is a safe one. Most frogs are pretty comfortable at the same temps we are – if it’s chilly or hot outside to you, chances are it’s dangerous to your frogs. Plan ahead and avoid heartbreak.