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Why aren’t my Poison Dart Frogs...

Why aren’t my Poison Dart Frogs breeding?
They aren’t old enough. Most thumbnails can breed as early as 6 months out of the water, but larger frogs most often will not start breeding until they are over a year old. Tweaking variables to get them to breed sooner is at best futile and at worst unhealthy for the animals. Want to learn more about keeping reptiles and amphibia [...]

Breeding Poison Dart Frogs

Breeding Poison Dart Frogs
One of the joys of keeping Poison Dart Frogs is breeding them. I have taken what I have learned from other froggers and read many books and articles to develop my methodology for breeding Poison Dart Frogs. I tweaked this method based on what I observed as I have bred thousands of frogs over the years. The following is my methodology. Getting [...]

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