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Mortal Enemies – Fruit Flies and Wint...

Mortal Enemies – Fruit Flies and Winter
Some Helpful Hints and Tips to get your Flies through the Cold Introduction Fruit Flies (Drosophila sp.) are one of the most popular feeder insects for those animals that require smaller prey items, such as poison dart frogs. Unfortunately, these typically easy to culture insects often encounter difficulties with colder weather. This blog [...]

Surface area in Fruit Fly Cultures: E...

Surface area in Fruit Fly Cultures: Excelsior or Coffee Filters?
One of the most common variables overlooked in culturing fruit flies is the surface area used. I have seen cultures with everything under the sun used as surface area. The two most common sources of surface area in fruit fly cultures are coffee filters or excelsior. Each has their pros and cons. For best results, coffee filters need to be fol [...]

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