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Amazon Milk Frog Care Sheet

Amazon Milk Frog Care Sheet
Amazon Milk Frog Care by Zach Brinks Introduction Amazon Milk Frogs are one of the larger tree frogs in captivity. They are big, bold, easily handled when mature, and visually striking with their brown and white stripes, and blue toes. Amazon Milk frogs have a loud call at night. Amazon Milk Frogs are also sometimes called Gold Mission Fro [...]

Amazon Milk Frogs (Captive Bred) R...

Amazon Milk Frogs (Captive Bred) – Trachycephalus resinifictrix
CAPTIVE CARE INFORMATION Scientific Name: Trachyephalus Resinifictrix AKA: Phyrnohyas Resinifictrix Common Name: Amazon Milky Frog Distribution: Amazon Basin Size: 3” – 3 ½” Trade Availability: Scarce, Captive Bred/Born   Want to learn more about keeping reptiles and amphibians? Want to hear about the latest products and be informed abou [...]

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