Repashy means quality nutrition, and that's why Josh's Frogs is proud to offer the full line of Repashy Superfoods supplements for your pet reptile or amphibian. Josh's Frogs is dedicated to quality, customer service, and low, low prices - what better way to follow the Josh's Frogs philosophy than to offer Repashy Superfoods at the lowest possible market price. Josh's Frogs, the industry leader in quality and customer service, is proud to offer Repashy Superfoods to our customers.

Repashy Gecko Meal Replacement Powders are intended as a complete diet for those reptiles specified in the product page, mainly Rhacodactylus and Phelsuma geckos. Repashy Gecko Meal Replacement Powders are simply mixed with water and served to your pet reptile, providing all the vitamins and minerals your pet reptile needs to thrive.

Repashy Carnivore/Omnivore Meal Replacement Powders are intended as a substitute for meat to those pet reptiles or amphibians who prefer more protein in their diet. Repashy Savory Stew and Meat Pie are relatively new additions to the line of Repashy Superfoods, but have already gained a following for their superior nutriton and ease of use.

Repashy Calcium Supplements are a great way of providing superior quality calcium to your pet reptile or amphibian. Calcium is a vital nutrient, necessary for proper both and shell growth, muscle function, and development. Repashy Calcium Supplements excel at providing your pet reptile or amphibian with exactly what it needs to thrive.

Repashy Vitamin Supplements provide a number of minerals and vitamins necessary to the health and well being of your pet reptile or amphibian. In the wild, your pet reptile or amphibian would have a varied diet, consuming a wide range of different kinds of plants and animals that make up a well balanced diet. In captivity, providing such variety is impossible, but Repashy Vitamin Supplements insure that your pet reptile or amphibian gets what it needs to live a long, healthy life.

Repashy Calcium Plus Supplements combine the benefits of both Repashy Calcium Supplements and Repashy Vitamin Supplements into an all-in-one, easy to use powder that is dusted on your pet reptile or amphbian's food. Repashy Calcium Plus is one of the most trusted supplements in the reptile and amphibian pet industry.

Repashy Insect Culturing Supplies contains staple food, water, and gutload foods for feeder insects. An insect has not reached it's full nutritional potential until it is fed with Repashy gutload! Feed your pet reptile or amphibian the best by feeding their food with Repashy products!

Repashy Color Enhancers provide necessary pigment enhancers to your pet reptile or amphibian's diet, allowing your pet to look its best. Yellows, oranges, and reds will pop with regular use of Repashy Color Enhancers.

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