TetraFauna Supplements

TetraFauna Supplements are designed with your pet's health in mind. Josh's Frogs is proud to carry this line of products at low, low prices!

Tetra Reptocal is a calcium and vitamin D3 supplement designed to be dusted on prey items, such as live feeder crickets. Vitamin D3 is naturally produced by the skin when the animal is exposed to UVB light, by either natural sunlight or via the use of UVB producing bulbs. Vitamin D3 is vital to the utilization of calcium by your pet reptile or amphibian, and should be part of every supplement regimen. Calcium is important for strong bone formation and shell growth.

Tetra Turtle VitaShell is a cream that aides in the healthy of your pet turtle or tortoise's shell, keeping it strong and free of flakes. Think of it as a moisturizer for your pet reptile!

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