Dendrobates lamasi

Ranitomeya lamasi

Ranitomeya lamasi (also known as Dendrobates lamasi, and probably several other names the way taxonomists have been working lately) is native to Peru, where it utilizes phytotelmata (plants that hold water), such as heliconias, bromeliads, and even bamboo. All lamasi tend to have a striped pattern and a solid colored square on their belly, but their base color can vary drastically depending on population (generally, black and yellow/orange/green). Size can vary as well, with the larger forms occurring at a higher elevation. Forms present in the US include Ranitomeya lamasi 'Standard/Highland', R. lamasi 'orange/orange panguana', R. lamasi 'panguana', and R. lamasi 'green leg'.

R. lamasi shares breeding habits with other members of it's genus. These very secretive frogs lay 1-3 eggs at a time, which are then raised in the typical thumbnail fashion. In the vivarium, lamasi seem to prefer black film canisters, and sometimes even lay in the leaf litter. Some forms, such as the 'Standard/Highland' form, are very difficult to breed, and in serious danger of disappearing from the hobby.

Care of Ranitomeya lamasi is nearly identical to other thumbnail frogs, with a few exceptions. In my experience, lamasi seem to appreciate a little more floor space and plant cover than other thumbnails. Eggs seem to be slightly more sensitive than other thumbnails – it may be wise to let the parent frogs tend to the eggs and transport the tadpoles, then remove the tads to raise artificially. 

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