Mosses are considered bryophtes, or non-vascular plants. These primitive plants may not be as evolved as many other tropical plants offered by Josh’s Frogs, but they’re just as appropriate for use in the home vivarium. Mosses will quickly spread in a tropical vivarium, and really add to the jungle vibe. Green foliage and interesting growth habits make mosses a group unto themselves when it comes to selecting live tropical vivarium plants for a naturalistic vivarium.

A wide variety of vivarium-suitable live plants are available at Josh’s Frogs. We take pride in providing only chemical, pesticide, and insecticide free plants for sale which are safe for use with animals. Every plant is different, and Josh’s Frogs provides more specific care needs for every live terrarium plant on it’s product page.

All plants sold by Josh's Frogs are guaranteed to be pesticide and fertilizer free. We grow our plants indoors, away from pests and wild animals that could contaminate plants. Josh's Frogs takes all possible steps to insure that every plant we sell is perfectly safe for use with animals. Josh's Frogs recommends washing all plants with dechlorinated room temperature water before planting.

Not sure how to properly care for or plant your live terrarium plants? Check out Josh's Frogs care articles on how to care for live terrarium plants in a vivarium by clicking here.

Josh's Frogs strongly recommends that live terrarium plants are used in conjunction with our Naturalistic Vivarium Substrates, in order to create an ideal habitat that both live terrarium plants and animals can thrive.