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The Reptarium (175 gallon) measures 29" long X 29" wide X 48" high. Reptarium Screen Reptile Cages are an easy, economical way to house those reptiles or amphibians that require a lot of ventilation. Reptarium Screen Cages are quick to assemble and can be conveniently stored in a small space, making them ideal sunning cages on a deck or patio for your pet reptile. Constructed of rigid plastic, Reptarium Screen Cages are easy to clean. Reptarium Screen Cages are a breath of fresh air for your reptile or amphibian pet. Perfect for bearded dragons, chameleons, anoles, geckos, iguanas, and a wide range of pet reptiles and amphibians. Be sure to purchase a Reptarium Soft Tray (175 Gallon Long) or Reptarium Soft Tray (175 Gallon Tall) if you intend to use substrate in your Reptarium.

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Nice size for half the money Review by Shaneale
I have been looking for a bigger area for my bearded dragon he's about a foot long, I want this tank I think he will love it but not sure if it will be sturdy enough when my boy gets full grown! Not like he will be In his house much he's already very spoiled and wants to be with his momma all the time! Can anyone help me out? (Posted on 1/8/2014)
AMAZING Review by Herpguy1
Not only is this reptarium HUGE and way cheap, but it is good quality too. Sure, it's a tad wobbly but that wont stop it from doing its job. can house a chameleon for extended periods of time. (Posted on 7/23/2012)

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