Dart Frogs

Poison Dart Frogs are small, colorful frogs from the neotropics. Despite their common name, Poison Dart Frogs are actually harmless in captivity, due to a captive diet of primarily fruit flies.

Josh's Frogs only sells the healthiest captive bred Poison Dart Frogs available. To do so, we breed all of our poison dart frogs ourselves. We guarantee that all poison dart frogs will arrive alive and healthy. 

There are several requirements for keeping poison dart frogs alive and healthy in captivity. One of the most important aspects is providing Live Insects and Supplements to insure that your poison dart frog pets receive the nutrition they require to live full, healthful lives. Josh's Frogs provides the largest variety of dart frog appropriate foods in the United States.

Another aspect of keeping poison dart frogs as pets is providing the proper habitat. Josh's Frogs carries all the Vivarium Supplies you need to recreate a slice of jungle in your home. 

Knowlege is power, and research is an important first step towards poison dart frog ownership. Josh's Frogs provides some great Books on Poison Dart Frogs, as well as great articles concerning poison dart frog care. 'Before You Buy' is a great place to start researching poison dart frogs.

For those of you that have mastered the art of poison dart frog care, the logical next step is breeding. Josh's Frogs is one of the largest breeders of captive bred dart frogs in the world, and offers all of the Dart Frog Breeding Supplies that you'll need to be successful.

For those of you wanting to make poison dart frog care simple, Josh's Frogs offers a wide array of Dart Frog Kits, which provide everything you need to care for poison dart frogs. With the Dart Frog Kits from Josh's Frogs, owning poison dart frogs is easier than ever before!