Vivarium Substrates

Josh's Frogs is the largest supplier of vivarium supplies and poison dart frogs in the United States. Josh's Frogs offers all the vivarium substrates you need to create a successful, lush poison dart frog vivarium.

Hydroton is the best substrate for the creation of a false bottom. This is the bottom layer in a poison dart frog vivarium, and provides excess water a place to go.

Substrate barrier is positioned on top of the hydroton, and prevents the rest of the substrates from pushing down into the false bottom.

ABG (short for Atlanta Botanical Gardens) mix is the premiere substrate for poison dart frog vivaria. When used correctly, ABG mix will last for years. ABG mix also grows plants very well in a humid vivarium. Josh's Frogs makes all of our own ABG mix - every bag is hand mixed in the USA!

Sphagnum Moss is places on top of the ABG mix, in order to hold in humidity, and prevent smaller particles from the ABG from sticking to poison dart frogs.

Leaf Litter and Live Moss is the final layer of substrate in the vivarium. Any vivarium should have plenty of leaf litter!

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