Incubation Media

Incubation Media is vital to your success in breeding reptiles and hatching reptile eggs. Quality Incubation Media should retain water to provide much needed humidity to developing reptile eggs, while resisting mold growth, and not overly wetting your reptile eggs. The Reptile Egg Incubation Media at Josh's Frogs is of the highest quality, and available every day at low prices, and with the best customer service in the industry!

Breeding reptiles? Looking for quality reptile egg incubation media at everyday low prices? Josh's Frogs has you covered. We offer a full line of premium incubation media at rock bottom prices. Coupled with our industry leading customer service, it's a win-win-win*!

*The last 'win' is for the strong, healthy baby reptiles you'll hatch on our great reptile incubation media!

Josh's Frogs strongly recommends that you read our blog 'Vermiculite and Incubation''. This helpful blog post discusses the ins and outs of incubating reptile eggs, incubation media, and how to use it..




joshs frogs prohatch reptile egg incubation media  

Hatch reptile eggs like a professional with ProHatch from Josh's Frogs! Designed by breeders for breeders, ProHatch is a highly absorbent hatching media engineered specifically to retain excess moisture, then slowly release it throughout the incubation process. This drastically reduces the need to add water, results in a more consistent humidity level, and greatly reduces the chance of moldy or collapsed eggs. Incubate reptile eggs like a pro with ProHatch!


repashy superhatch reptile egg incubation media josh's Frogs   Repashy SuperHatch, developed by well-known herpetoculturist Allen Repashy, is an advanced incubation medium that allows easy moisture monitoring (it changes color) and is indefinitely reusable. Great for Gecko Eggs.  
vermiculite reptile egg incubation media joshs frogs   Josh's Frogs Vermiculite is an old standby of experienced reptile breeders. Vermiculite is considered by many to be the ultimate incubation media for many species of reptiles. Easy to use and inexpensive, Josh's Frogs vermiculite allows you to properly incubate and hatch healthy, robust offspring.