Crocodilians in Captivity-

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Crocodilians have always fascinated us. The movies we watch portray them as giant, man-eating monsters, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to go too close to the water's edge. I think that this misrepresentation in the movies makes crocodilians even more tempting as pets in the baby Velociraptor appealed to the public in the movie Jurassic Park.


Crocodilians are being sold as pets more now than ever before. For many years, alligators were protected and unavailable to the pet trade. Now that alligators have become available, their sector or the reptile market has had a large surge and more are now being kept as pets than ever before.


Crocodilians in Captivity will help people make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase a crocodilian as a pet. This excellent book, filled with captive care tips and an individual species account fro every crocodilian species in the world, will fill the void in the herp literature of good, easily accessible care and maintenance information on crocodilians.

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