Exo Terra Wire Clamp Lamp (Small)-

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Dimensions: 5.5" in diameter, 6.5" from where the bulb extends beyond the socket

The Exo Terra Wire Light has a heat resistant porcelain socket designed to withstand up to 150 Watts/250 Watts. Ideal for use with Ceramic Heater, self-ballasted mercury vapor bulbs, and all types of regular incandescent bulbs. The wire guard prevents unnecessary heat build-up. The Exo Terra Wire Light is the only lamp that meets all safety regulations when used in conjunction with the Exo Terra Ceramic Heater. Combine the Wire Light with the Exo Terra Light Bracket to suspend it securely above any glass terrarium.

  • Heat-resistant porcelain socket
  • Rated for up to 150 Watts/250 Watts
  • Suitable for the Exo Terra Light Bracket
  • Ideal for use with Ceramic Heater, self-ballasted mercury vapor bulbs, or regular incandescent bulbs
  • 110 volts

Includes Switch, Hanger and Clamp.

Wire Light Details

For use with Ceramic Heater or Solar Glo

Wire Light Details

Take a look at the instruction manual

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Exo Terra Wire Clamp Lamp (Small)

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