Fluker's Repta-Bark (8qt)-

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Our all natural Repta-Bark bedding makes for the most natural and rugged substrate for your pet, especially in high humidity tanks.
This orchid bark is an excellent natural bedding for all high-humidity-loving reptiles. Bigger pieces mean less chance for ingestion and less dust. This 100% natural Repta-Bark substrate is designed to absorb excessive moisture in your reptile's terrarium. The aesthetically pleasuring forest floor substrate functions as a waste absorber, and prevents fungal skin infections that your reptile may get in overly moist environments.



Empty about two inches of Repta-Bark into your reptile's terrarium. You may want to create a deeper layer of about three or four inches for fossorial or burrowing critters. Check Repta-Bark daily for waste material. Use a plastic cat litter scooper to remove waste without removing excess substrate. Completely dispose of Repta-Bark monthly. Your pet may develop potential skin infections if waste material is allowed to accumulate on the surface of the substrate. Keeping your pet's terrarium clean allows for a healthy living environment.


Repta-Bark can be used as a protective gradient between a hot rock or under tank heater. To do this, completely cover the hot rock or under thank heater with one to three inches of Repta-Bark. Measure the temperature at the surface to determine if it is an appropriate temperature for your pet. To determine the temperature zone for your reptile, consult your local pet retail professional.


Some pets need to be monitored closely while using Repta-Bark. Animals that require high levels of moisture should have their terrariums sprayed with dechlorinated water regularly. Juvenile reptiles maintained on Repta-Bark should be provided with access to water. Reptiles that are large enough to ingest Repta-Bark should be offered food in a bowl or fed outside of their enclosures.

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Fluker's Repta-Bark (8qt)