Fluker's Splash Proof Bulb (50 watt)-

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Heavy duty "splash proof" halogen bulb made for high humidity and water based setups.
Designed for water based and high humidity setups, Fluker's heavy duty Splash Proof Halogen Bulb will not shatter like regular heat lamps when accidentally splashed with water. This bulb also makes your animal's colors appear richer. This Professional Series bulb has an average lifespan of 2,500 hours and is great for all water-based terrarium animals

  • Available in 50 Watts, 75 Watts, and 90 Watts
  • Makes animal's colors appear richer
  • Great for all water based terrarium animals
  • lifespan of 2,500 hours


Gently fasten the Fluker's bulb into a Fluker's Clamp Lamp or Hood or any UL approved incandescent fixture. Do not plug light fixture into an electrical socket until bulb is fastened firmly to fixture. Do not plug light fixture into any electrical socket until bulb is fastened firmly to fixture. Place light fixture outside of Reptile's enclosure. NEVER place the light fixture inside the enclosure. Reptiles an develop life-threatening thermal burns from contact with an exposed light bulb

Warning: Bulb becomes extremely hot while in use. Avoid contact with flammable material

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