Food & Nutrition

Josh's Frogs is dedicated to providing you with the means to keep your pets happy and healthy  and that starts with their diet! We provide a wide range of prepared dry foodslive feeder insectssupplements fresh veggies, and food and water bowls your reptiles and amphibians crave!

Many reptiles and amphibians feed on a wide variety of live feeder insects in the wild, and Josh's Frogs offers a wide array of live feeder insects to help you 'feed the need'. Keep in mind that feeder insects on their own are not a complete diet - in order to balance your reptile or amphibian's diet, use Josh's Frogs supplements and color enhancers. Josh's Frogs also offers a variety of dry foods, designed to either function as a staple, or as part of your pet's diet. We also offer reptile salad and cactus, for those omnivorous or herbivorous reptiles that require vegetation in their diet. To make feeding your pets easier, Josh's Frogs offers a huge selection of food and water dishes.