Dendrobates auratus


Auratus, as they are known in the trade, are another great addition to our list of beginner dart frogs. They are strikingly colored, and vary widely based on populations (and sometimes among the same population). Auratus are easy to breed, keep, and make great group animals, displaying almost no aggression in most situations.

 Dendrobates auratus can be fairly reclusive in the vivarium. There are steps you can take to increase their visibility, however. Ensure the frogs are provided with a well-planted vivarium, include a thick layer of leaf litter, and provide plenty of visual barriers to make the frogs feel more comfortable. Auratus are often found near small streams in the wild – providing them with a small water feature, such as a pond or stream, in the vivarium will encourage them to venture from their hiding places more often, and will be utilized for breeding activity. Constructing ledges or cracks in the background that auratus can squeeze into (so that their back is in contact with the ledge above them) will make the auratus feel more secure. Most importantly, placing the vivarium in an area of the home that gets a lot of foot traffic will familiarize the frogs to intrusion, and cause them to pay less notice of being observed.

Auratus typically mature around 8-12 months. Depending on the morph, males are generally 1-1.5”, with females being about .25-.5” longer. Mature females also display a characteristic pear shape that is apparent when they are carrying eggs. Their call is a faint buzzing that is barely audible unless you are in the vivarium with them! They are easy to breed (with some exceptions), and typically lay 4-8 eggs every couple of weeks. The smaller forms of auratus will lay in film canisters, but all will lay on smooth leaves or on petri dishes under coco huts.

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