Dendrobates tinctorius

Dendrobates tinctorius, or tincs as they are known in the hobby, are large, colorful frogs that occur over a wide area in the South American countries of Brazil, Guyana, French Guiana and Suriname, with most of the locales available in the hobby hailing from Suriname. Each population of Dendrobates tinctorius possesses unique colors and patterns – these different locales can vary widely in adult size and aggression as well.

Given this wide array of colors and patterns, it is tempting to mix and match several different morphs, to create a colorful group of animals in the vivarium. However, this is not a good choice – not only can these different populations of tincs crossbreed, they also tend to not get along with each other in the long run, leading to fighting and casualties. The different morphs of Dendrobates tinctorius are best left to their own individual vivariums.

Adult tincs typically measure from 1.25-2.5” depending on morph and age. These frogs can get quite large, and are best kept with sturdy plants in the vivarium, such as pothos. They can trample small, delicate vivarium plants. Dendrobates tinctorius are primarily a ground-dwelling frog, and are better suited to large, horizontally oriented vivaria, where they will spend most of their time exploring the leaf litter hunting for microfauna. Their call Is a very faint buzz, which is nearly inaudible.

Tincs are fine raised in groups as froglets, but sometimes do need to be split up as they age. Dendrobates tinctorius is sexually mature at 10-14 months of age for most locales. They typically lay on smooth leaves or under coco huts. Adult females can fight with each other over access to a mate, so it is best to limit the group to one mature female. These bold and outgoing vivarium inhabitants can live well over two decades if cared for properly.

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