Halogen Basking Bulbs

Halogen Basking Bulbs are an economic, durable way to provide the proper basking temperature for your pet reptile. Halogen basking bulbs are more efficient at producing heat than incandescent bulbs, thus more energy efficient. Halogen basking bulbs also have an expected lifespan that is more than double the length of the leading incandescent reptile basking bulbs on the market today, resulting in savings. Halogen basking bulbs contain an internal reflector, which focuses the majority of heat and light produced down into your reptile's enclosure. Halogen basking bulbs produce a cleaner, whiter light than incandescent basking bulbs, resulting in brighter colors and a better viewing experience of your pet reptiles. To select which halogen basking bulb is right for you, refer to the chart located on each product page, and compare to the desired basking temperature of your reptile.