Ceramic Heat Emitters

Ceramic Heat Emitters efficiently provide direction heat, without producing any light. They are very effective at heating terrariums, vivariums, and habitats, and can be used as a 24 hour heat source. Ceramic Heat Emitters are a safe, economical, and effective way to provide your reptile with a much needed heat source. Ceramic Heat Emitters are ideal for those animals that need a constant 24 hour heat source, such as leopard geckos, ball pythons and many monitors. Ceramic Heat Emitters are also ideal for those reptiles and amphibians that need a bit of additional heat to maintain a healthy overnight temperature, such as bearded dragons, chameleons, and many tree frogs.

Josh's Frogs strongly recommends using a WIre Clamp Lamp with your Ceramic Heat Emitter. A Wire Clamp Lamp will insure that your Ceramic Heat Emitter does not overheat, thus greatly extending the life of your Ceramic Heat Emitter.