Humid Hide for Small Geckos-


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In the wild, many lizards hang out in humid microclimates. Many desert species, for example, will often take refuge underground where it is more humid than above.


These modified 8-ounce cups are perfect for providing small lizards, from hatchling leopard geckos to adult viper geckos, with that humid microclimate: all you need to do is add a moist substrate, like vermiculite or sphagnum moss, and regularly mist the hide.


By keeping humidity elevated in a small area, lizards have access to a area that will help prevent dehydration, facilitate shedding, and sustain dew from which lizards can drink, all without keeping the entire enclosure too humid and risking respiratory issues over time.


These hides also work great as lay boxes, and we have had numerous desert species regularly lay eggs in them, including Western banded geckos, Central American banded geckos, viper geckos, and thick-toed banded geckos!


Product Dimensions:

  • 4.5" diameter
  • 2" height
  • Opening: .75" diameter

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