HydroLogic Small Boy De-Chlorinator with KDF85 Catalytic Carbon Filter-

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The five-micron Small Boy De-Chlorinator eliminates 99 percent of chlorine and 90 percent of the sediment from most water sources. System is ideal for organic growers that want to create a favorable environment for the live beneficial microorganisms being incorporated into their garden. The KDF85 Carbon Filter included with this model adds even more filtering power by greatly increasing the unit's ability to remove chlorine, chloramines, iron, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals, making it a great choice for city-dwellers.


The Small Boy De-Chlorinator cycles an impressive 60 gallons per hour with a 3,000-gallon capacity.



  • A ten-inch, two-stage filter unit
  • Wall-mountable metal bracket
  • Garden hose connector
  • 4 feet of feed line
  • 6 feet of outlet line
  • 1/4-inch shut-off
  • Filter wrench
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty


The assembled set-up is 11 inches by 14 inches.

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