Josh's Frogs Aquatic Frog Food (3.5 oz)-

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Josh's Frogs Aquatic Frog Food is a moist pellet, perfect for aquatic frogs, newts, and salamanders. High in animal protein and easy to digest, Aquatic frog food is easy to feed to your pets. Simply provide as many pellets as your pet can eat in 15 minutes every other day. For commonly kept aquatic dwarf frogs, this would be 2-3 pellets 3 times a week.

If fed properly, Josh's Frogs Aquatic Frog Food will not cloud the water. If the water appears cloudy or uneaten food remains the next day, physically remove any uneaten food and perform a 30% water change.

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Josh's Frogs Aquatic Frog Food (3.5 oz)

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