Josh's Frogs Baby Aquatic Turtle Food (3.5 oz)-

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Josh's Frogs Baby Aquatic Turtle Food (3.5 oz) is specifically formulated to provide a healthy, nutritious diet to young aquatic turtles, especially commonly kept species such as red eared sliders, map turtles, cooters, painted turtles, and similar species. Each pellet is packed full of nutrition from plant and animal sources, and contains much of what your pet turtles need to thrive! We recommend feeding Josh's Frogs Baby Aquatic Turtle Food 5 times a week, with the other 2 daily meals consisting of earthworms, insects, vegetable matter, or other 'whole' sources. By doing so, you can provide your pet aquatic turtles with a great captive diet. To feed, place pellets (generally as many pellets as would fit on top of your turtle's head, around 3-5 for a baby aquatic turtle) in a cup and add a bit of water from the tank. Allow the pellets to sit for 5 minutes, until they are soft and easily eaten. Dump the pellets into the tank. Remove any uneaten pellets after an hour. Fed appropriately, Josh's Frogs Baby Aquatic Turtle Food will not foul the water. Nutritional Analysis: 45% Protein 16% Fat 10% Ash 3% Fiber

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Josh's Frogs Baby Aquatic Turtle Food (3.5 oz)

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