Josh's Frogs Bug Off Insect Boundary (4 oz)-


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Josh's Frogs Bug Off Insect Boundary (4 oz) is a liquid teflon solution designed with your bugs in mind! Many different species of bugs, such as some roaches and ants, can climb vertical smoother surfaces. Simply apply a small amount of Bug Off as a perimeter around the inside top of the container the bugs are being housed in, and keep bugs where they belong!

Directions for use: Apply a thin coat in a band around the inside top of a smooth sided container, using a foam brush or similar applicator (a folded piece of paper towel can work, as well). Let dry for 30 minutes, then apply 2 more coats, allowing 30 minutes of dry time between coats. Encourage a bug to climb towards the barrier, to ensure that Bug Off has been applied at the needed thickness. If bug is able to climb over Bug Off, apply additional coat(s). 


Warning: Bug Off may not work on textured surfaces. In the case of eye or skin contact, rinse thoroughly with water.

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Josh's Frogs Bug Off Insect Boundary (4 oz)

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