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Need a lot of charcoal? Now available in 40 lbs bags!


This 40lb bag of horticultural charcoal is enough to start about 20 shoe box sized springtail cultures. 


Charcoal is the ideal substrate for culturing springtails. This high-quality horticultural charcoal offered by Josh's Frogs provides plenty of surface area that springtails need to reproduce and thrive. 


Charcoal reduces odors and makes harvesting springtails simple and easy - just add water and pour out the excess water and springtails!


Charcoal can also be used as a substrate additive to increase drainage and aeration. Often, quality horticultural charcoal is added to a potting mix to increase drainage abilities of soil, while holding on to moisture and nitrogen, which stays present in a usable form in the root zone of your plants. Horticultural charcoal is also lightweight, reducing the final weight of the potting mix, and aids in maintaining air spaces in the substrate. Charcoal is often incorporated into orchid and bromeliad mixes.

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Great product great source Review by louiseasis
I have lost track of the number of bags of Hort. charcoal I have bought in the last 6-7,years. Delivered to my door, exactly what I need and best of all, an excellent price. Reliable and speedy shipping. (Posted on 11/15/2018)
Tons of charcoal Review by JaredJ
Wow. This bag arrived huge! This is exactly what I was looking for. Previously I have been crushing up Cowboy lump charcoal, which is messy and time consuming. This horticultural charcoal is the perfect size for ABG mix, springtails, you name it. Just pour, rinse and use! (Posted on 9/19/2016)

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