Josh's Frogs Calci-mMm Insect Watering Gel with Calcium (1 Gallon)-


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Want calcium infused insects to feed your pets? Use Calci-mMm to raise a more nutritional feeder! Calci-mMm should be used as a sole water source for your feeder insects to ensure the extra calcium is passed on to your pets!

How to Use: Serve Calci-mMm Insect Watering Gel in a small bowl or in a clean corner of the insects' enclosure, so the insects have easy access to the gel. Replace gel as it dries out or is consumed. Do not provide other water sources.

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Josh's Frogs Calci-mMm Insect Watering Gel with Calcium (1 Gallon)

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Great buy! Review by Tiff
I purchase crickets in bulk. This huge bag will last me I'm guessing 6months to a year. I purchase 1000-2000 crickets a month. So much easier to give these to the crickets. This prevents them from drowning in the water bowl. Plus it is enriched with calcium which in turn is great benefit for my beardies! This is sooo much cheaper than buying the small bottle in the pet store for the same price. (Posted on 8/13/2018)

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