Josh's Frogs Carnivorous Plant Soil (4 Quarts)-

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Josh's Frogs Carnivorous Soil is a special mixture of peat & perlite that's perfect for carnivorous plants such as Venus Fly Traps, Drosera (Sundews) or Pitcher Plants. Carnivorous plants have requirements that are unique and often hard to satisfy from other standard soils.  Most traditional soils are too high in nutrients and/or fertilizers which will kill your carnivorous plant.  Our hand-mixed formula has been perfected and proven time and time again to work excellent for carnivorous plants and is in fact the same soil mix we use here at Josh’s Frogs. This soil helps to maintain the saturated moisture needs of carnivorous plants and allows air to get to the roots, resulting in healthy plants!


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Josh's Frogs Carnivorous Plant Soil (4 Quarts)

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