Josh's Frogs Dart Frog Tadpole Food (3.5 oz)-

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Josh's Frogs Dart Frog Tadpole Food is a tried and true dendrobatid tadpole diet at Josh's Frogs! This special formulation of animal and plant proteins, algae, natural color enhancers, omega fatty acids, and trace elements provides dart frog tadpoles with the nutrition they need to thrive!

Developed over the past decade for use in our own breeding programs, Josh's Frogs Dart Frog Tadpole Food is pelleted and ready to use. Just shake before feeding to ensure the powder component of the diet covers the pellets, and you're ready to go! Do not feed tadpoles until they are 5-7 days old. At that point, feed 1 pellet 1-3 times a week for the first 4 weeks. After that, feed 2-3 pellets at a time.

Josh's Frogs Dart Frog Tadpole Food will not cloud the water when used properly. If water clouds, or uneaten food is visible after 3 hours, remove uneaten food and perform a 30% water change.

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Josh's Frogs Dart Frog Tadpole Food (3.5 oz)

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