Josh's Frogs Earthworm Bedding (3.5 lbs)-

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Josh's Frogs Earthworm Bedding is the perfect substrate for nightcrawlers, red wigglers, and other commonly kept worms used for bait or food. Best of all, Josh's Frogs Worm Bedding is a recycled product! Simply wet Josh's Frogs Worm Bedding so that it is damp but not soaking. Add water, then squeeze the bedding until excess water runs out. Fluff the bedding, and add 3-5 inches of bedding to the container the worms are going to live in. Introduce the worms and any dirt they are shipped in. 

After the worm bedding is completely broken down (black/brown in color and no longer fluffy), it can be added to garden soil or composted. Used worm bedding is a great source of organics for soil!

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