Josh's Frogs PREMIUM Cricket Cuisine Cricket Food (16 oz)-


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Josh's Frogs Cricket Cuisine (16 oz) is our premium line of feeder insect food. Great for crickets, mealworms, and superworms, Cricket Cuisine's carefully researched formula has been designed to provide maximum nutrition at a great price! Cricket Cuisine contains everything crickets need to grow and breed, and make a nutritious meal for your pets!

How to Use: Simply pour a small amount of Cricket Cuisine into your cricket enclosure. A bowl can be used, or a corner of the enclosure. If desired, the entire floor of the enclosure may be covered in a thin layer of Cricket Cuisine - this will make cleaning up after the crickets a breeze, and allow more crickets to be housed in a smaller space. Add more as your crickets consume it. If Cricket Cuisine becomes damp or molds, remove and replace.
Warnings/Caution: Not for human consumption.



Check out our Cricket Care Sheet!



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Josh's Frogs PREMIUM Cricket Cuisine Cricket Food (16 oz)

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