King & Milk Snakes (Complete Herp Care)-


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Kingsnakes and milk snakes are among the most well-known snakes, being found naturally over a large portion of North and Central America. Their bold appearance, simple care, and docile natures have won over pet owners and commercial reptile breeders alike. Although taking care of one isn't difficult, it has to be done right. If you want your pet snake to be healthy, you have to provide him with the proper environment and diet.

This guide is a complete care manual for the interesting and colorful kingsnakes and milk snakes. It contains information on all the commonly kept species and subspecies, including California kingsnakes, gray-banded kingsnakes, Sinaloan milk snakes, and Honduran milk snakes, along with information on some rarer types, such as California mountain kingsnakes.The eye-catching sidebars, boxes, and photographs illustrate key topics essential to owners of these hardy serpents. King & Milk Snakes will help you keep your snake healthy for all of his life.

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