Mourning Gecko - Lepidodactylus lugubris (Captive Bred)-

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Defining Characteristics: 

  • Nocturnal
  • Easy to Care For
  • Easy to Breed
  • Parthenogenetic
  • Can Be Kept With Poison Dart Frogs


Name: Lepidodactylus lugubris. Commonly called the mourning gecko or smooth scaled gecko.


Recommended Vivarium Size: Mourning geckos will thrive in an enclosure as small as 5 gallons, but 10 gallons or larger are recommended for multiple animals. Many people successfully keep these geckos in naturalistic vivaria, housed with larger dart frogs.


Temperature: Lepidodactylus lugubris prefer temps in the mid 70s, up to the low 80s. Mourning geckos will generally thrive at room temperature, but a low wattage basking light may be needed in cooler climates.


Humidity: Mourning geckos like it humid, and require a humidity of at least 50%. Lepidodactylus lugubris can do well at a humidity of up to 90%, as long as a drier area is provided.


Size: Adult mourning geckos get up to about 4" in length. When they hatch, Lepidodactylus lugubris measures about 1". The juvenile mourning geckos sold by Josh's Frogs measure 1.5-2" when shipped.


Age: Lepidodactylus lugubris is capable of living over 10 years in captivity, with reports of 15 years or more in the literature. All mourning geckos for sale at Josh's Frogs are well started juveniles, and are 2-3 months old.


Feeding: Being smaller geckos, mourning geckos prefer smaller foods. Lepidodactylus lugubris juveniles will readily eat Drosophila melanogaster fruit fliesDrosophila hydei fruit flies and pinhead crickets. Adult mourning geckos will devour 1/4"-1/2" crickets, as well as other animals that size. At all life stages, mourning geckos will feast on Repashy Crested Gecko Diet. This can be fed as a complete diet to mourning geckos, but we prefer to offer them a variety of feeder insects, as well. All feeder insects should be dusted with a vitamin/mineral supplement.


Sexing: Sexing mourning geckos is the easiest thing in the world - they're all female! Lepidodactylus lugubris is a parthenogenetic species - females lay fertilized eggs, and their offspring are little clones of the parent. Reportedly males exist, but we have not encountered any at Josh's Frogs.


Color/Pattern: Virtually all mourning geckos look identical. Pattern and coloration may vary based on locale. Lepidodactylus lugubris is a tan colored gecko, with small, dark brown to black markings on it's back. Mourning geckos have a cream colored belly.


Social Behavior: Lepidodactylus lugubris is fine housed alone or in groups, as long as enough space and hiding places are provided. The geckos will develop a social heirarchy, with the dominant animal(s) breeding. Mourning geckos can be very vocal when housed together, with the animals making various squeaks and creaks to communicate. Mourning geckos will also display visually to each other, in the form of back arching or tail wiggling. Aggression can sometimes occur but generally does not result in the injury of an animal. Adults may eat offspring.


Breeding: Mourning geckos are very easy to breed - they don't need any of our help! Lepidodactylus lugubris is best kept in pairs or groups for breeding - 2 females will stimulate each other via pseudocopulation, resulting in 2 gravid geckos. Mourning geckos reach sexual maturity at 8-10 months of age, and will lay clutches of 2 eggs every 4-6 weeks. Eggs take about 2 months to hatch at room temperature.


Natural Range: Mourning geckos are found in the tropical coastal areas of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, including the Maldives, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Thailand, West Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, Fiji, the Australian islands of Cocos atoll, Western Samoa, and Guam. Mourning geckos have been introduced into Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, the Galapagos islands, Colombia, Chile, the Seychelles islands, Mexico, and Hawaii.


History in the Hobby: Mourning geckos have suffered from a severe swing in popularity in the hobby. Lepidodactylus lugubris is seemingly in demand, then they're everywhere, the price goes down, and people get rid of them. Suddenly, they're hard to find, pricey, and in demand again. Josh's Frogs is dedicated to consistently breeding and offering the species we work with, in order to avoid this boom/bust cycle.


Links of Interest:

Mourning Geckos on Wikipedia - great information on their natural (and artificial!) range. - Mourning Geckos - some interesting information on our favorite parthenogenetic geckos

GeckosUnlimited - Mourning Gecko Care Sheet - covers all the basics

ReptileSpecialty - Mourning Gecko Care Sheet - a good care sheet on mourning geckos


Still not sure if Mourning Geckos (Lepidodactylus lugubris) from Josh's Frogs are the right geckos for you? Read the reviews below and see what other customers are saying!

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Sweet Girl! Review by Ruben
The Josh's Frog team comes to California! We got our Mourning Gecko this summer at the Sacramento Reptile Show. Before I review the Gecko, I really enjoyed the JFs Expo team. They took a lot of time to answer all my questions, so patience, so knowledgable. Okay, our Mourning Gecko is such a cutie! She eats well, we feed her pinhead crickets and fruit flies dusted with calcium and vitamins. She is a little shy but as we have added many hides she moves around her enclosure with confidence and we see her in action way more than without the hides. Easy care and a joy to watch! We love her! (Posted on 11/14/2018)
Great New Additions! Review by Isaac
It's always nerve wracking when you order a new pet online, but if Josh's Frogs carries what you're looking for, you have nothing to worry about. These little gals came securely packaged, properly heated, and on time. It took all of five seconds for them to take up residence in their new home and start investigating once released. If you're using an Exo Terra enclosure, take a few minutes to make sure the cord holes on the lid and any gaps are plugged. One look at these geckos will make you glad you did!
You can't ask for more than happy, healthy plants and animals and that's what you get every time with Josh's Frogs! (Posted on 11/7/2018)
Two Healthy Geckos Review by Jared
I received both of my Mourning geckos on time and the packing was nice and fit. They both look beautiful and healthy. I underestimated just how small these geckos are at a young age as these are my first "micro" species. When you take them out of the container, beware... they are jumpy and fast! Thanks JoshsFrogs! (Posted on 11/2/2018)
Gorgeous geckos Review by Ryan
So I thought I would entertain the idea of introducing Mourning Gecko’s with my Dart Frogs. The article I read at Josh’s Frogs seemed to be advantageous to my frogs. The advice I received from Olivia and Shelby gave me the extra vote of confidence… so I ordered two gecko’s. I was only going to get one, but I figured they would like to have a buddy and the fact they do well in groups would make them both more comfortable. From review’s I read, I did anticipate tiny upon receipt. They were for sure tiny. The two females were shipped extremely well and scheduled well before the promised delivery time. Both females arrived alive and healthy. Both were very active. I put them into my terrarium and they jumped right in. Starting to explore immediately. So far so good. They seem to be another wonderful addition to our hobby. Josh’s Frogs has done it yet again with their selection and customer service that makes them #1 in the business. I can continue to count on them for solid advice and customer service. I wish more companies were like Josh’s Frogs. (Posted on 10/4/2018)
so interesting Review by joseph
These arrived in top notch shape. Very shy at first. One would show up so little, that i thought it had escaped and gave up on it. The other was obviously there, but was always scared. The less shy of them, now comes out more often, and is a great hunter. They pay no attention to Dart Frogs, and live in perfect harmony. They even eat the same diet! (Posted on 7/31/2018)
3 Healthy Geckos Review by Valerie
I ordered three mourning geckos from Josh's frogs. Contacting them to arrange a shipping date worked flawlessly and their quick response allowed them to be delivered during a window of cool weather in the summer.

They arrived well packaged in individual small containers and all the geckos seemed alert and healthy upon arrival (and are still healthy today).

I have all three of them in a 12x12x18 exoterra with live plants. As a caution these are tiny when you get them. Despite the accurate descriptions it is hard to appreciate just how little they are. As such you really need to make sure that all wire holes in the top of the tank are blocked. If you get an exoterra this means not just sliding the switch over the the holes to close it, but blocking the back of the top area as well.

That first day one of my geckos escaped, thankfully I saw a second little gecko poking its head out through the hole before more got out. I was able to catch the one who escaped (she was hiding behind the tank). But really, make sure there are no holes they can get out of. (Posted on 7/10/2018)
On time and healthy Review by Brian
These girls arrived healthy, and are thriving.
(Posted on 10/27/2017)
Very Active and Healthy Review by Kelly
The three little ladies I bought arrived packed with amazing care. They have been settled in for almost a week and are very active and healthy. I can already tell they are growing. Within 24 hours they were scrambling around the bioactive setup hunting fruit flies and licking at the Pangea drops. No joke they are VERY small when they arrive. It only takes about a tenth of a cc of Pangea on a few rocks around the vivarium to make a feast for these little ones! (Posted on 8/28/2017)
Great Geckos Review by Kristin
I got 2 of these girls last December and they are growing up fine and doing great. Today I got 3 more can't wait to get them. They are so cute fun little Geckos I enjoy them a lot. Thank you Josh's Frogs!! (Posted on 8/2/2017)
Fun size Review by David
I got two of these last year around August or September. They're definitely small - they came in two ounce deli cups with plenty of room to spare. If you are planning on getting these, make absolutely sure you have a secure enclosure! They get to a decent size. Now, in June, I've had both for roughly 9 months and both are gravid without me doing anything besides feeding them. It really takes nothing on your part to get eggs. Have a plan for babies even if you only get one, because it's going to happen no matter what. (Posted on 6/13/2017)

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