JurassiPet Supplements

JurassiPet has created a line of calcium and multivitamin supplements fitted to the special needs of your pet reptile or amphibian, and Josh's Frogs has it! Josh's Frogs is dedicated to quality, customer service, and low prices, and we continue in those footsteps with our full line of JurassiPet products.

JurassiCal Dry is a straight calcium supplement, ideally suited for those reptiles or amphibians that are exposed to UV light, either via natural sunlight or artificially by exposure to UVB producing bulbs. Some animals, such as leopard geckos, will actually consume straight calcium from a food dish while forming eggs. JurassiCal Liquid can be sprayed on feeder insects, dry foods, or vegetables, and is an easy way to provide much-needed calcium in your pet reptile or amphibian's diet. Your pet reptile or amphiban's diet often contains too much phosphorus - adding JurassiCal supplements to your pet's diet can help create a proper calcium:phosphorus ratio that will allow your pet reptile or amphibian to live a long, healthy life.

JurassiVite is a multivitamin supplement intended to be used with JurassiCal to create a healthy, nutritious diet for your pet reptile or amphibians. JurassiVite contains many trace vitamins and minerals your pet reptile needs to live a long, healthy life.

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