Vitamin Supplements

Repashy SuperVite is a great vitamin supplement for your pet reptile or amphibian. Repashy SuperVite is designed to be used with a calcium supplement. Josh's Frogs recommends dusting your feeder items with Repashy SuperVite and a calcium supplement in rotation.

Repashy Vitamin A Plus is great for those animals that are lacking vitamin A, either by poor diet or excessive breeding. Vitamin A, a fat soluble vitamin, is quickly used but takes time to replace. Repashy Vitamin A Plus is an easy to use powder that is simply dusted onto prey items once a month (or more often with animals that are lacking vitamin A).

Repashy SuperVeggie is a vitamin supplement for your pet reptiles that is simply dusted on to fruits and vegetables before they are fed to your pet. Herbivorous and Omnivorous reptiles, such as green iguanas, bearded dragons, Uromastyx, and tortoises especially benefit from Repashy SuperVeggie.

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