Syngonium Plant Bundle 3-Pack-

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This is a Syngoium Plant Bundle that includes 3 plants. We will choose 3 different and beautiful Syngoniums for you based on our current inventory. This is a great bundle for those who love a variety of Syngonium color.


Syngoniums are a very popular and easy plant species to care for that is native to a wide region of Latin America - from Mexico to Bolivia.  It is also known as the Arrowhead Philodendron, Arrowhead Plant, or simply by its genus name - Syngonium.  The leaves are distinctively shaped like an arrow, hence the common name references.  This moderately long growing tropical plant comes in a wide variety of colors which is the main reason they're such a popular plant. Give Syngoniums moderate lighting and water when top 1" of soil is dry.  


USDA Hardiness Zones 9-10


Container Gardens/Terrariums/Houseplant:

Syngoniums do well in terrariums, container gardens and fairy gardens when they're small. They will eventually outgrow their container in 6-12 months. Syngoniums are one of the most popular house plants due to their attractive foliage and ease of care.  This plant is pretty versatile at different life stages, but can last very long-term as an attractive house plant.  It prefers evenly, almost constantly moist soil, but needs drainage and will not do well in a soggy environment.  Due to its more vining/trailing nature in age, it is a great candidate for a hanging basket.  


Josh's Frogs offers a wide variety of glass terrariums, container garden soils, drainage layers and other supplies for all of your indoor gardening needs.


Vivariums/Animal Terrariums:

Being tropical, this plant does great in the high moisture environment of a well-drained vivarium.  At the size we sell this plant, it can be kept in most vivariums for about a year.  At that point, it might be better taken out and transplanted to allow further growth as a houseplant due to its large growing size.


As good practice, Josh's Frogs recommends washing all plants thoroughly removing as much soil as possible with dechlorinated water before placing them in their final home. Live plants from Josh's Frogs are treated only with products that are OMRI Listed© for use in organic production. Live plants may vary in color, size and appearance.




The plant pictured is in a 2.5" pot.


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