T-Rex Aquatic Turtle Food (1.5 oz)-

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T-REX Aquatic Turtle Dry Formula is a complete and balanced diet. It was formulated by the T-Rex Director of Research and Development, and veterinarians. 



FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS:   T-rex Aquatic Trutle Dry Formula should be fed once daily. Be sure not to overfeed, as this may result in the polutting and/or clouding of the water. Only feed as much as the turtle or turtles can eat in 5 minutes. Remove excess food after 10 minutes. 



T-Rex Aquatic Turtle Dry Formula is a nutrionally balanced food designed especially for Aquatic Turtles. Like all of our other T-Rex Dry Formula foods, Aquatic Turtle Dry Formula has been researched, developed and tested by some of the world's leading authorities. T-Rex Aquatic Turtle Formula is a floating, non-greasy, highly palatable, pelleted food. The pellets come in juvinile size, and adult size. 

T-rex Aquatic Dry Formula is designed to the specific nutrional requirements of the Aquatic Turtle. Since Aquatic Turtles are primarily omnivorous, T-rex Aquatic Turtle Dry Formula was designed to meet the unique qulaities. Although T-Rex Aquatic Turtle Dry Formula is a complete and balanced diet for for most Aquatic Turtles, we always recommend a supplement when needed for specific species. 

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