Tetra ReptoMin Floating Turtle Food Sticks (1.43 lbs, 650 g)-


Quantity Available: 7

Top quality food for turtles, frogs and newts.

  • ReptoMin - trusted by pet owners world-wide for over 30 years
  • Easy-to-digest formula is scientifically formulated with the latest nutritional and manufacturing technologies
  • Precise amounts of nutrients, calcium and Vitamin C to support vitality and good health

A long-standing favorite among breeders and pet turtle enthusiasts alike, ReptoMin® is a floating food stick for all water turtles, amphibians, and other aquatic reptiles. High in nutritional value and manufactured to strict quality standards, ReptoMin® products have proven to be readily accepted by dozens of species. Vitamin- and calcium-enriched, ReptoMin® is a protein-rich, scientifically formulated food. ReptoMin® is available in a variety of package sizes.
(INTL) Multi-lingual package for international markets.



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