Victor Fly Magnet SUPER FLY ROLL (19 ft long)-

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Catch those pesky loose flies around your home! The Super Fly Roll with its unique 3D pattern, long-lasting glue, and easy-to-use design form the Silvalure technology which lures flying insects in and catches them! Super Fly Roll is 4 inches wide and over 19 feet long.


Directions for use:

  1. Tear away the package from the roll, do NOT remove the plastic handle.
  2. Hang handle on hook or nail.
  3. While holding onto handle, pull apart as much or as little as needed of fly roll. Make sure glue surface is facing outward.
  4. Attach the leading end of roll to the ceiling, wall, or beam using a hook or angled nail.
  5. Roll can also be hung straight down, vertically to the ground.
  6. For best results, unroll the full roll with glue surface facing the ground. Flies are drawn to the sticky side of the trap.


Helpful Tip: Glue is easily cleaned up with vegetable oil.

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