Filtration plays a vital role in any aquatic or semi-aquatic habitat. Water filters clean the water via three main processes: mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. Mechanical filtration physically removes particulate and debris from the water, while biological filtration utilizes beneficiall strains of bacteria that help break down organic waste. Chemical filtration, such as carbon pads, chemically binds with impurities and organic wastes, thus removing them from the system. Regardless of how much filtration is present, it is important to maintain a high level of water quality with frequent water changes. Filters also provide aeration and water circulation, lending to a healthier, and cleaner, environment for your pet reptiles and amphibians.





Exo Terra's Repti Clear Filters are an energy efficient and convenient way to provide water filtration and circulation in small to medium sized enclosures. Ideal for salamanders, newts, and fire belly toads, the Exo Terra Repti Clear Filters are compact and easy to use. With an adjustable flow rate and a low price at Josh's Frogs, the Exo Terra Repti Clear Filter is perfect for your pet reptiles or amphibians.



The Tetra ReptoFilter is designed with the same quality technology utilized in the wildly successful Tetra Whisper fish filters. 3 stage filtration maintains top notch levels of water quality for your pet reptiles and amphibians, while the Tetra Reptofilter's intelligent design allows for operation in shallow environments. Josh's Frogs is proud to offer the quality Tetra Reptofilter at a great value!


The Exo Terra Turtle Filter provides heavy mechanical filtration for your pet aquatic turtle's enclosure, resulting in cleaner and odor free water. The Exo Terra Turtle Filter utilizes both fine and course foam pads, one odor reducing pad, and 2 carbon pads to provide the highest level of water quality possible for your pet reptile or amphibian. Using an Exo Terra Turtle Filter reduces the amount of water changes necessary to keep your pet turtle healthy. The Exo Terra Turtle Filter can also be used with fish, or plumbed externally to create a waterfall in a vivarium.

  Reptology Internal Filters are designed to be stood up on end or laid down in the terrarium, aquarium, or vivarium, and aid in maintaining a healty environment for your aquatic or semi-aquatic pet reptile or amphibian. Reptology Internal Filters are constructed of quality components, and offered by Josh's Frogs at a low price.  
  Josh's Frogs is proud to offer quality Exo Terra Turtle Cliff Filters at a convenient, low price. Exo Terra Turtle Cliff Filters are designed to provide a basking site, filter, and waterfall - all in one quality product. Ideal for water turtles, the Exo Terra Turtle Cliff will help maintain a clean environment vital for the well being of your pet turtle. Designed to operate in shallow water, the Exo Terra Turtle Cliff Filter is also perfect for fire belly toads and other pet reptiles and amphibians that thrive in a shallow to moderate water level. Quality filtration maintains a high level of water quality while the waterfall keeps water circulated and properly aerated. A high-quality faux rock cover lends a natural feel to the Exo Terra Turtle Cliff Filter.  

Reverse Osmosis (R/O) water purification systems remove impurities from your tap water, rendering it safe to you with your pet reptiles and amphibians. Minerals, harmful chemicals, chlorine, and much more is removed from your water after it is forced through a membrane. Reverse Osmosis systems are easy to install and use. Josh's Frogs strongly suggests using water purified by a reverse osmosis system for misting and drinking water.