Black Film Canister w/ suction cup-


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Black film canister with suction cup. Used to mimic bromeliads and other water holding plants. Provide a great place for your frogs to hide, hydrate, and breed.

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Untitled Review by Susan Toler
These are a great value, especially if you feel the need to hand-raise your eggs/tads, or if a rival female keeps eating them! For my arboreal D. Imitators, I attach mine to the side of the glass near the mid-upper portion of my vertical tank and the mating pair soon investigates, usually with positive results.
Of course, dimming the lights and misting the tank (along with Kenny G playing in the background) helps set the mood for them, but this really makes the mating ritual go faster and saves me the trouble of digging through every brom established in the tank to extract a couple of eggs! (Posted on 3/17/2011)

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