Fluker's Aquatic Turtle Medley Treat (1.5oz)-

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Freeze-dried blend of river shrimp, mealworms and crickets. Provides essential proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.


Feed 3-8 shrimp, crickets, or mealworms per turtle, depending on the size of your pet. (For large turtles, you can feed more) if your turtle consumes them within 3-5 minutes, you may offer additional 2-3 pieces. Ask your pet professional for assistance with developing a complete and balanced diet for your pet.


  • Min. Crude Protein 58%
  • Min. Crude Fat 12%
  • Max. Crude Fiber 7%
  • Max. Moisture 8.75%
  • Max. Ash 10%
  • Min. Calcium 1.75%
  • Min. Phosphorus 2.75%

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