GFP Leucistic Axolotl - Ambystoma mexicanum (CBP)-


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Defining Characteristics:

  • Great Beginner Salamander
  • Bright Yellow/White body with black eyes
  • Glows Green under a black light
  • Bold
  • Aquatic
  • Easy to Keep
  • prefers cooler temperatures


Please note it is illegal for us to ship Axolotls into California, Maine, Virginia, and New Jersey. Orders placed for axolotls from these states will be cancelled and refunded.


Name: Most commonly known as the axolotl, although sometimes called the water dragon or Mexican Walking Fish. Axolotl literally translates to water dog. Scientifically known as Ambystoma mexicanum.


Certified Breeder Program: These axolotls were procured via our Certified Breeder Program. This certification process will allow us to bring a wider variety of healthy, captive bred animals to you, our customers. We stand behind these animals just like any animals bred at our facility. Besides the fact we’ll be offering more animals, what do you need to know about Josh’s Frogs Certified Breeder Partnership? You need to know these animals are from people with the same approach to animal keeping and breeding that we do, are disease free, and most importantly captive bred! To learn more, please read our blog on the Josh's Frogs Certified Breeder Program.


Recommended Terrarium Size: 10 gallons per axolotl. A simple aquarium can be utilized to make cleaning easier, or a more complex setup, with large gravel (too large to be consumed) or sand used as a substrate, and live plants and wood as decor. Filtration is not necessary, but will reduce the frequency of water changes. Make sure to provide a cave or hiding place so your axolotl feels secure.


Temperature: Axolotls prefer cooler water - 55F to 65F is ideal. You want to try and keep water temperatures below 70F - higher temps can become lethal.f


Size: At the time of sale, captive bred red axolotls from Josh’s Frogs will measure about 3-4.5" long and be about 4 months old. They can be fairly quick growers, with adults reaching up to about 14" in a couple years. The cooler they are kept, the slower axolotls will grow.


Age: Axolotls have an average captive lifespan of about 10-15 years with proper care. Axolotls sold by Josh's Frogs are about 4 months old.


Feeding: At the time of sale, captive bred axolotls will devour thawed bloodworms, 1/4" to 1/2" cut pieces of nightcrawler, and small axolotl pellets. As they age, axolotls can handle larger and larger food items, including full size nightcrawlers, large axolotl pellets, and even the occasional feeder insect.


Sexing: Axolotls are easy to sex when mature. Males have a more streamlined, slender body, while females tend to be larger and more rotund. A male's cloacal region will appear very swollen. Most axolotls can be reliably sexed when they are about 8" long, which typically takes 8-10 months.


Color/Pattern: Leucistic axolotls have a yellowish body with black eyes and pink gills. Occasionally, animals are more whitish in color. These animals contain Green Fluorescent Protein, a protein isolated from jellyfish that glows green under blacklight.


Social Behavior: Adult axolotls can be housed in groups, assuming all individuals are well fed and about the same size. Young axolotls will attempt to eat each other, sometimes successfully. Because of this, we house young axolotls individually at Josh's Frogs.


Natural Range: In the wild, axolotls are critically endangered in their native range in Mexico, largely due to invasive species and pollution.


History in the Hobby: Axolotls are readily available in the hobby, as they have been popular laboratory animals. Because of this, a wide range of morphs or color forms are known and readily available.


Links of Interest:

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Axolotl Care Sheet by John Clare, published in Reptiles Magazine


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